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Day 1: Great Eats =) No Treats =(

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Hey friends, followers and #leftofstr8family It's Day 1 of the New Scott as I begin my journey on better nutrition, excercise/movement, and meditation. If you missed my video, I have been inspired by My Three Sam's; Sam Leicht, Sam Cushing and Sam Knight, who have been great guests on my Entertainment Podcast and are each amazing teachers and trainers in fitness, nutrition and meditation. YOU should be following them on their social media Instagram and YouTube Channels. I'm also lucky to have two Personal Trainers that are Special Correspondents on my podcast every Friday; Jake Dean Taylor and Jason Caceres. They are also both on Instagram.

So today I woke up and did a 10 minute guided meditation and a 10 minute gratitude meditation on my own. It was a great start to my morning and really got my day energized.

For my nutrition, I am experimenting on reducing my coffee intake. Those that have been following me a long time, know I drink coffee morning, noon and night and have been doing it so often, I don't feel like it really effects me, but I love the tastes and it keeps me warm and happy. I am taking the advice of everyone and stopping my coffee intake after 2pm. I will try this for a week and let you know what happens. I am hoping for no major withdrawals, and maybe a more restful nice sleep..........Wish me luck

Also in nutrition I have accepted the Leichtning Nutrition Challenge by Sam Leicht and reducing each meal by one processed food and adding either one fruit or vegetable to each meal and I did really well today and feel good about it. Today, I ate the following:

Breakfast: 1 egg scrambled, 1 piece buttered toast, 1 cup of cubed fresh watermelon

Lunch: 1/2 rack of dry rub ribs, no sauce, 1 corn on the cob, 1/2 cup of cole slaw

Dinner: Tuna, Lettuce, Mayo, Peas salad, and air fryed carrot "fries"

Exercise today, I walked for 30 minutes and did one of Sam Cushing's 8 minute home exercise videos.

Thanx for following me on my journey, if you have questions, want to join in, or have advice, reach me in the contact section of the website

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