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Day 2: Treat Yo'self!! Already? YES!

Let's be a little controversial, shall we? I say on Day 2 of an all-new You, Treat yourself for making it thru Day 1. WHAT?? You say? Hear me out, I'm being mostly serious here. Making some life altering decisions needs inspiration, motivation, perspiration, and Reward. Now I see you recognizing that statement makes sense, but you also think that rewards should come further down the line for achieving your goals. Well, my goal is to make it just one day at a time!! That's not to say I need to reward myself every day, but sometimes when you just take the time and expend the energy to try something new, and you get through the first day, give yourself a reward to motivate you for the next few.

Yesterday, Because of Inspiration from My Three Sam's and my Fitness Special Correspondents from my radio show, (see the video in my first blog), I began a campaign to create a whole new me, thru Nutrition, Movement and Meditation. I did pretty darn well on day one, you can read about it in my second blog, so I rewarded myself for making the decision to start going to get a massage!!! YES, it was as good as it sounds, 60 glorious minutes of relaxation from a professional massage therapist at the Massage Cafe in Canfield, OH. I most definitely LOVED IT! Thinking about it all day, made Day 2 of my journey that much more exciting and bearable. Now I'm not going to reward myself every day, that's just silly, but if takes rewarding yourself for making incremental improvements in your life, and it DOES motivate you, then go for it. They can be small things, or large, but they need to provide some emotional and functional support to your goals.

So how did Day 2 go? Very well, it was my second day stopping drinking coffee after 2pm. I didn't feel any withdrawal today, yet I also didn't feel more tired or get to sleep easier last night. This will be a week-long experiment at least to see what kind of differences I find cutting out the coffee after 2.

I did two more meditations today, 10 minutes of guided meditations, (there are a lot available on YouTube friends), and 10 minutes of silent meditation and goal setting. It felt very centering and a great start to my morning for the second day.

I did not do my walking today, but i did do 15 minutes of stretching and re-watched and did my 8 minute exercise video from yesterday.

Breakfast was an Apple, Half a Bagel with Apple Butter, and a cup of oatmeal

Lunch was cottage cheese and canned peaches in light syrup (4 slices) and another Apple

Dinner was a stuffed pepper with spanish rice, lean hamburger and onions filling and a celery stalk filled with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

Have a great Wednesday everyone..............Treat Yo'self from time to time.....Scott

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