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       The Left of Str8 Show has been a passion project of mine, since I had to move back to my parents home to take care of my ailing Dad.  Unfortunately Dad has since passed on, but I am still there taking care of my wonderful Mom that turns 80 this January 24th.  I have not made a lot of money off the radio show, besides a few donations from some great friends of the show.  In order to continue to bring the radio show to my over 10,000 listeners, I am asking for sponsors starting in 2019, so I can still take care of mom and not have to go back to full-time employment, but continue my part-time, Marketing Consulting business.

       I have both Business Sponsorships available that are available to sell your own products or services, and Patron Sponsorships, where listeners can contribute and get exclusive content, perks, and swag, by donating a small amount a month.  I hope you will please look them over, and if it is in your budget and possible to contribute, I would really appreciate it.  You can check out my Business Sponsor Ad Guide by clicking the picture to the right, and check out my Patron Sponsors for individuals by clicking on the Patreon picture to the right.  

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Podcasting and Live Internet Radio are quickly becoming the smartest place to spend advertising dollars for anyone selling a product or service that has nationwide appeal.  The listeners of Internet Radio, Hosts, and Podcasters are usually the most engaged and loyal audiences of most any medium available to advertisers. lauds the ability to engage listeners on podcasts that most traditional media cannot.  The listening audience forms relationships with the hosts and build loyalty to the programs.

The Power of these ads are hard to argue with.  Podcasts have a special relationship with their listeners, they are quite literally, “In Their Head.”  Compare that relationship to the early days of Twitter, when you could feel like you know a celebrity on a very personal level.  Communication is direct and intimate.  The bond lends an air of authenticity.  Also, ads survive on podcasts on the world wide web, much longer than print advertising.


Mainstream awareness of podcasts are growing every year. Podcast listeners, average listening at least 5 podcasts per week. In 2018, 44% of Americans ages 12 and older have ever listened to a podcast, according to Edison Research and Triton Digital survey data, and 26% have listened to a podcast in the past month.

Did You Know:


The LGBT Community is estimated to be                                       46.5% of LGBT Community have children at home

5% of the Population, but controls about                                        32% Support the Arts

9% of the Buying Power.                                                                    29% Support Sports Franchises

                                                                                                             34% Love to Camp, Hunt and Fish

LGBT Consumers are 4x more likely to                                            37% Shop at Macy's and Nordstroms

purchase and stay brand-loyal to the                                               42% Shop at Discount Stores

companies that advertise to our LGBT                                             25% Make over $75,000 per year

Community.                                                                                         12% Live below the poverty line

LGBT Consumers are 5x more likely to 

continue spending habits, even in a

down economy