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About Left of Str8 Radio....

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In January of 2015, I quit my job and moved back in with my parents to help take care of my ailing dad.  We thought he would have a few more years with us, so I needed something to help keep me sane between care-giving and being back home as an adult.  As an LGBT Advocate, (I served 3 years as the Chairman of our local NE Ohio Pride Center), and lover of all things Entertainment, Foodie, and Books, I thought a radio show would give me an outlet of things I love, and still keep me home usually for dad.  I started my first podcast, the "Left of Str8 Show," which I patterned after some of my favorite Celebrity podcasters, like Del Shores, Emerson Collins, Jon Lovett, Jonathan Van Ness, and more!   In the six years since, I have been lucky to have some amazing guests on my own show and have been truly honored to produce some amazing podcasts, from Astrology to Politics.

Well, the Covid Pandemic hit me hard both in terms of people to interview and my own mental health being isolated in beautiful, but lonely, NE Ohio.  After almost a year off the air, I am starting up the network once again with our Flagship "Left of Str8 Show," and some new ones that I am truly excited about to both be hosting and just producing.  Be on the lookout for shows and times and PLEASE, subscribe to our podcasts on your favorite distributors and be sure to give them all a 5 star review if you like them, so they can be seen by more in the search engines.  Happy Listening Everybody and thanks for being part of the Left of Str8 Radio Network............Scott Fullerton

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